Learn to win the hearts and minds of your employees to win customers— and a bigger share of the marketplace.

Gallup’s 2013, “The State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders” research shows that:

  • Companies with engaged workforces have higher earnings per share (EPS) and they seem to have recovered from the recession at a faster rate
  • What employees truly want is an intrinsic connection to their work and to their company. That’s what drive performance, inspires discretionary effort, and inspires them to push themselves and their company forward
  • The top 25% of teams — the best managed — versus the bottom 25% in any workplace — the worst managed — have nearly 50% fewer accidents and have 41% fewer quality defects
  • Teams in the top 25% versus the bottom 25% incur far less in healthcare costs

At the end of this workshop you will understand the connection between employee engagement and performance outcomes, emotional engagement and how that ties directly to the employee’s level of discretionary effort, how “what gets measured, gets done” drives organizational results, and have developed an action plan for improving employee engagement and buy-in for your organization.