Cynthia West

VP Sales and Marketing

“Cheryl coached me through a particularly challenging time. She is a great listener and provides firm but gentle direction to better a situation. Her years of experience in C-level positions make her ideally suited to help VP and C-level women achieve their goals. I highly recommend Cheryl!”

Rebecca Clubb

Private Chef/Published Author/Nutritional Consultant

“Cheryl is a great mentor and coach. I have relied on Cheryl for years for advice on all aspects of business and personal issues. She is always very thorough in understanding my needs, my perspective and all views on the issue. By asking questions and steering me to solving my own challenges she teaches me how to be a better business owner.”

Janet Crowe, CPC

Director, Non-Profit

“Cheryl has been instrumental in my journey to optimal wellness. Her passion and commitment to finding “the” fit that would help me achieve my goals has made all the difference. As a wellness professional, I know what I need in theory but Cheryl’s coaching and insight has been the catalyst to my success. I am so grateful to her for unleashing my inner beast.”

Ashley Williams

Operations Process Engineer

“Cheryl is a wonderful mentor, coach, and teacher. She is a perfect example of servant leadership. Even after Cheryl moved on to bigger, better opportunities, I still refer to her teachings when I am presented with a challenge. Her wisdom is timeless and is applicable to professional and personal situations. Don’t look up to Cheryl – she will be standing slightly behind you so she can push you forward into leading teams through situations that you never thought possible before. It takes a true mentor (sensei) to make their students believe in themselves.”

Victoria Mouroulis

Executive Coach & Trainer

“Cheryl is one of the most remarkable business leaders I have encountered in my career. She is a high-energy thought leader and is incredibly well versed in leadership strategies that give her the capabilities to coach, consult and lead by example. I admire her willingness and desire to help others achieve the great results she has enjoyed in her impressive career.”

Ruth Brajevich

Chief Marketing Officer

“Cheryl is an inspiring leader and an incredible coach and mentor. Her passion for leadership and wellness, combined with her business savvy are true gifts. I would highly recommend working with Cheryl. I am fortunate to know her.”

“Cheryl is a unique mixture of coach and businesswoman. Her skill at guiding others along a path of their choosing is augmented by her strong understanding of corporate needs. I have found her to be an excellent counselor with a broad perspective, skills so necessary in helping someone break through their own thought patterns and change their own course.”

Terry Dailey

Vice President of Operations

“I had the opportunity to work with Cheryl as a part of the management team leading our consulting operations. Cheryl’s strengths are her ability to think strategically, manage the plan and engage her reports through constant communication and support. I enjoyed working with Cheryl and the energy that she brought to our team.”

Bill Curran

Finance & Strategy Professional

“Cheryl’s ability to manage the exacting demands of a high-precision manufacturing business with a global customer base, requiring the highest quality standards was difficult. But maintaining those standards in an extremely competitive industry in a recession, while maintaining the organizational culture and values is quite admirable. She has a wealth of experience from which I am sure her clients will benefit.”