Executive Coaching helps you to assess what’s working in your life and career, addresses what may be holding you back from reaching your leadership potential, and provides you with the practical tools to tackle current business challenges and opportunities.

The questions that bring women leaders to Executive Coaching are:

  • How do I continue to grow as a leader who challenges, motivates, delegates and develops my staff?
  • Where can I get an objective, supportive sounding board for my challenging situations or choices?
  • How do I integrate my core values into all areas of my life?
  • I’ve worked hard and made it to the top, what’s next for me?
  • Can I make a major change at this point in my career?

Executive Coaching helps middle managers and senior executives strengthen and develop their leadership and management skills in order to thrive and compete in the corporate environment. It is ideal for women who have embraced their ambition, have talent and expertise, and are committed to getting ahead and staying ahead.

Cheryl’s proven method for getting ahead includes how to:

  • Create your personal mission statement; identifying your deepest values, beliefs and aspirations and integrate it into your daily planning process
  • Identify your value proposition and how to confidently communicate how your work benefits the organization
  • Create credibility and visibility for yourself as a leader in the workplace
  • Build and leverage internal and external networks of influence to accelerate your career
  • Map the power grid in your organization and create a plan to build solid relationships with key stakeholders
  • Create your executive presence for increased credibility
  • Delegate tasks effectively and empower your management team
  • Set in motion an action plan to achieve career goals and drive results

Coaching services are customized to meet your specific needs and goals and are delivered in three, and six month programs.

Coaching services are customized to meet your specific needs and goals and are delivered in three and six month programs.

Accelerated Success | 3-Month 1:1 Coaching Package

For the business owner, executive or individual leader wishing to clarify their current obstacles, discuss progress, and help keep their energy, passion, and vision alive.

Grow and Optimize | 6-Month 1:1 Coaching Package

This package is perfect for the small business owner or executive that is dedicated to their growth, wants to work on several areas all at once and wants to see changes quickly.